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Glottophilia - language workshop

Motivation and inspiration for language learning


The Glottophilia seminar proposes motivation and inspiration for language learning, techniques and good practices, conversation groups, games and general knowledge about the world of languages.

Main themes:

Inspiration and motivation: quotes and ideas from famous linguists, philosophers and polyglots.

The sounds of the languages: tricks for a better pronunciation, theory and practice with the International Phonetic Alphabet.

English pronunciation.

Language exchanges: a funny, free, flexible and not time-consuming way to learn languages.

Online tools and apps

Playing with words: double meanings, tongue-twisters and more.

The easiest language of the world (and that most helps to learn languages).

He or she? gender issues through languages.

Do languages influence thought? Strange and fascinating things from the world of languages.

Speaking Latin today: how, where, why?

Presentation of language festivals

The seminar will be held by Cesco Reale (, member of the Hyperpolyglot Association (, co-organizer of the World Polyglot Gathering (, creator of the “Limbas” Language Festival (, UN representative of the World Esperanto Association (, voice engineer with the international IPA certificate in phonetics.